to hear yourself
program goal
Create your own business for the soul for 2-3 months from the start. For the first month we set the goal to start first sales. If some sales are in place we plan to move to the level when income from your business for the soul completely covers finance needs of your family.
Author of the program, master:
Danila Vaskevich


● Entrepreneur, cofounder of a private school "Darovanie" ( >300 offline students in Sergiev Posad, Russia)
● Experience in top management over 15 years (CFO, COO, CEO, >2000 employees, $100 mln+ turnover)
● Managed to transfer himself from manager to successful entrepreneur with socially responsible business

● Unique author's technique of soul talent identification
● Direct energy transfer
● Soul speaking
● Support and inspiration
● Mentorship
Program master:

Elena Vaskevich

Entrepreneur, cofounder of several offline businesses. Author of her own private psychological practice, clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist (> 15 years), career guidance counselor

● Ericksonian hypnosis
● Neurography
● All tools of a psychologist

Program content:
  1. Group of max 10 international participants
  2. Three zoom sessions (or offline meetings) with Danila
  3. One zoom session (or offline meeting) with Elena
  4. Three group meetings in a format close to mastermind
  5. Regular support in a group chat
  6. Ability or text messages or short calls between meetings
  7. One meeting with a program master per week
Duration of meetings: 1 hour
Offline meetings can be organized in Moscow, Russia
Program duration: minimum one month

Program price: 700 USD
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